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Links® Curriculum

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Links integrates assessment, instruction, and reporting features to assist students who need to learn independence in daily routines. Links routines are embedded in both school and community contexts. Students with autism and other development disabilities may particularly benefit from the Links Curriculum.

The Links Curriculum...


  • Allows teachers to conduct global and targeted assessments and immediately review results through a variety of reports.
  • Enables teachers to collect baseline and ongoing data to assess a student's level of independence, while taking into account individualized prompting needs during daily routines.


  • Utilizes assessment data collected in the natural environment to identify specific routine steps and skills that are problematic for a student.
  • Suggests and provides specific lesson plans matched to a student's unique developmental needs.
  • Encourages teachers to implement a variety of instructional techniques, utilizing visual, verbal, and auditory prompts that increase a student's ability to engage more independently in school and community settings.


  • Provides teachers with immediate assessment results focused on a student's level of independence during daily routines.
  • Allows teachers to track a student's progress related to independence within routines by monitoring the teacher cues and additional prompting needed by a student.
  • Empowers administrative staff to view data for students in their region to determine if performance goals have been met.

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